Company Overview

Our Motto -
"Rendering quality service for customer satisfaction..."

This simply reaffirms that any project that we aim to undertake as a company, will always be of exceptional service and should satisfy our clients.

That any service rendered will carry a guarantee and should any problem be experienced within that period of warranty, such service will be done at the company’s expense and the warranty extended.

Our company motto is the framework which constantly reminds us to take responsibility for all the services we render, even after a lengthy period. This will sustain our client base and build our company’s reputation within the industry.


Tshipembe Mzansi Projects (TMP), is a 100% black owned BEE and SMME classified company that is still growing.

Patrick Madavhu is its sole member.

The company upholds the policies of women empowerment and this is evident in the leadership roles that is entrusted to women within its ranks.


The company was established in 2005 and falls within the Black Economic Empowerment and SMME’s category.

Small companies like ours is proving to be the backbone of our economy, as Tshipembe Projects employs and empowers many people, including women.