Ever since Tshipembe Mzansi Projects started its business journey, have we been involved in giving back...

Be it in the form of grocery assistance to the most vulnerable or in the form of our community sporting initiative, Mashau Sports Development (NPC), Tshipembe Mzansi Projects plays its part.


Once A Year, Tshipembe Mzansi Projects sponsors in various forms, the facilitation of the Mashau Annual Sports Tournament.


Part of our efforts is to empower young girls to engage in sport from a young age, both for the pure enjoyment and health benefits thereof, but also for them to better themselves through the disciplines of sport.


In a country laden with raw talent, we feel the need to ensure that many of those youthful talents are given an opportunity to develop and so improve their chances of using their talents to better their lives.


Soccer is just one of the sporting disciplines that we are part of, in developing and grooming the potential sporting heroes of tomorrow that might come out of our rural villages.

Community & Charitable Ventures..

"In whatever small ways we can do some good to those in need, we must do so"... That is the motto of our social consciousness at Tshipembe Mzansi Projects.

NGO & Community Organizations...

Our company adopts Charity Organisations or NGO's in our communities, and asssit them in various aspects of their needs, and in so doing, we plough back into our communities.

Covid-19 Lockdown Aid...

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, we tried where we could, to assist in various ways to bring relief to those in dire need.